Seeking Endorsement

All candidates seeking the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus are strongly encouraged to sign the

and fill out either the

  • Candidate Questionnaire for Federal Candidates (download).
  • Candidate Questionnaire for State and Local Candidates (download).

Candidates may return the completed documents to the RLCCA by whichever of the following methods is most convenient.

  1. Paperless option: Candidates may complete the documents electronically in a word processor and email the edited .doc file to
  2. Print, scan and email option: Candidates may print the documents, scan them to a PDF file, and email the PDF to

Please note that while the candidate questionnaire is labeled as a “Federal Candidate Questionnaire”, it is appropriate for all candidates, even non-federal ones, to fill it out. The RLCCA considers every candidate to be a potential future Congressperson, so your answers to the federal questions are very important too us and help us greatly in determining which candidates to endorse. At some point in the future we may develop additional questionnaires targeting specific non-federal offices, but we have not done so yet.

If you require additional assistance, please contact your endorsement coordinator. If you do not know how to contact your endorsement coordinator, please contact the RLCCA directly.

Proposing Endorsement

If you are not a candidate but wish to propose a candidate’s name for consideration, please review the information for Endorsement Coordinators.

Endorsement Process

Federal candidates in states with chartered affiliates are considered by the state chapter Board of Directors as well as the National Board of Directors. Federal candidates in states without a chartered chapter are reviewed by our Endorsements Committee with final approval by the National Board.

Candidates for state office in a chartered chapter are ONLY considered by their state affiliate. (The RLCCA is the California chartered state chapter of the RLC.)

Value of RLC Endorsement

A RLC endorsement can be tremendously valuable to a candidate, especially in primary races. The RLC can provide endorsed candidates with a signed statement explaining why the candidate should be elected. This statement can be distributed as a flier or displayed prominently at the candidate’s website.

In a primary in particular, the endorsement can ensure Republicans that the most worthy Republican candidate is the candidate who has embraced traditional Republican principles — the candidate endorsed by the RLC.

For the many voters who share our values — and we believe that most Republicans hold liberty and small government close to their hearts — the RLC is a brand name which stands for the core values of the GOP and having the endorsement of the RLC immediately lets voters know that a candidate is one of the best which our party has to offer.

Political Action Committee

The Republican Liberty Caucus Political Action Committee assists limited government Republican candidates running for office. Endorsed candidates for federal office are eligible for financial support from the PAC. Please note that the PAC is run by the RLC, not the RLCCA. At some point in the future the RLCCA may create its own PAC.

Please visit for more information about the PAC.