Endorsement Coordinators

The RLCCA relies upon volunteer Endorsement Coordinators to help facilitate the process of reviewing and endorsing candidates for California’s 53 seats in the House of Representatives and 120 seats in the state legislature. Endorsement Coordinators can also facilitate endorsements in county and local races.

The responsibilities of being an Endorsement Coordinator include:

  1. Attempting to contact, via email and phone/voicemail, all Republican candidates in races where the RLCCA is considering endorsing a Republican candidate.
  2. Offering said candidates the opportunity to be considered for endorsement.
  3. Assisting interested candidates with the endorsement process, specifically with the Liberty Compact and federal candidate questionnaire.
  4. Answering any questions candidates may have.
  5. Ensuring that the RLCCA Board of Directors has received all information submitted by candidates.

The list of the current Endorsement Coordinators is below.

If you would like to contact an Endorsement Coordinator or volunteer to become a coordinator, please contact us.

Proposing a Candidate

If you wish to propose a candidate’s name for consideration, please include the following information about the candidate:

  • Candidate’s name, contact information, brief biography, and web site;
  • The candidate’s party affiliation;
  • Nature of the race, e.g., office sought, opposition, voter demographics, likelihood of victory, campaign funding, etc;
  • The personal characteristics and viability of the candidate;
  • The candidate’s position on many of the various key barometer issues, e.g, taxes, spending, eminent domain abuse, war on drugs, asset forfeiture, free trade, Real ID, etc.; and
  • A case for endorsement (optional)

All of the above information should be sent via email for consideration by the RLCCA Board of Directors.

List of current Endorsement Coordinators

Governor and Senate

Endorsements for Governor and Senate will be coordinated by the Chairman and Secretary.

House of Representatives

District Coordinator Notes
CD 4 Incumbent is Tom McClintock.
CD 8 John Dennis John Dennis is a candidate.
CD 11 Alex Aliferis
CD 16 Bob Van Cleef
CD 19 Bill Westmiller ??
CD 28 Bill Westmiller ??
CD 36 Robert Vaughn
CD 44 Ryan Magnon
CD 45 Ryan Magnon

California Senate

District Coordinator Notes
(None at present)

California Assembly

District Coordinator Notes
AD 20
AD 24
AD 26
AD 49 Robert Vaughn
AD 70 Ryan Magnon
AD 72 Chris Norby won special primary.

Other offices

Office Coordinator Notes
(None at present.)