Pop quiz CRP convention attendees: Who is your choice for president in 2016?

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Pop quiz California Republican Party convention attendees: Who is your choice for president in 2016?

Rand Paul edges Walker as first choice for Republicans at Party’s spring convention.

Sacramento – March 1, 2015- California Republican Party spring convention attendees, responding to a single question Presidential Quiz, chose Rand Paul as their first choice for President in 2016. Dr. Paul, a Senator from Kentucky, narrowly edged Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

The quiz, sponsored by the Republican Liberty Caucus of California (RLCCA), asked “Who is your choice for President in 2016?” Respondents placed stickers next to a list of prospective candidates that included Senator Paul, Governor Walker, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, among others.

“The results were close, but more people chose the Senator from Kentucky, Dr. Rand Paul over all the ‘serious’ candidates,” said John Dennis, Chairman of the RLCCA. “If these results are any indication, we’re in for an exciting, interesting, close race for the Republican party nomination in 2016.”

Nearly 200 attendees answered the quiz. The results were:

Rand Paul 49 (24.5%)
Scott Walker 48 (24%)
Chris Christie 19 (9.5%)
Ben Carson 11 (5.5%)
Jeb Bush 10 (5%)
Marco Rubio 8 (4%)
Bobby Jindal 6 (3%)
Other 6 (3%)
Mike Huckabee 4 (2%)
Ted Cruz 3 (1.5%)
John Kasich 3 (1.5%)
Sarah Palin 2 (1%)
Rick Perry 1 (0.5%)
Rick Santorum 0 (0.0%)

Governor Christie spoke at the convention lunch on Thursday. Senator Paul was the featured speaker at the California Republican Party Fall 2014 convention in Los Angeles.
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