Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Paul Hannosh for Congress

hannoshRepublican Liberty Caucus Endorses Paul Hannosh for Congress
March 28, 2014
Contact: Eric Rall,


The Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce the endorsement of Paul Hannosh in his campaign to represent California’s 8th Congressional District, which includes Inyo County, Mono County, and northern San Bernardino County. Hannosh is a US Army veteran, a school board member, and a schoolteacher. He is running for Congress on a platform that includes fiscal discipline, tax reform, ending NSA surveillance, and freeing education from federal interference.

Paul Hannosh is challenging incumbent Republican Paul Cook, whose voting record in the state legislature received the lowest score of any Republican in the RLCCA’s Liberty Index. The RLCCA is endorsing Hannosh over Cook in order to hold our elected officials accountable and improve the quality of representation. Anthony Rice, the RLCCA’s Southern Regional Director, says “Paul Hannosh is a passionate defender of liberty and has shown a great understanding of the US Constitution as a History Teacher. His limited government mentality is exactly what Congress needs.”

Paul Hannosh says, “As a Rand Paul supporter, I am thrilled to be given the Republican Liberty Caucus national endorsement. The problems we face in America are not due to political gridlock but due to a nanny state mentality at home and abroad that seeks dragons to slay. Government doesn’t create jobs it just seeks it’s own preservation and expansion and has a parasitical effect on it’s host, the productive part of society. The ‘parasite’ of government has now grown to the point where it is endangering the health of its host and must be downsized. We now have nearly as many Americans on Welfare as working full time and we continue to spend more on Defense than the next 10 highest defense countries budgets combined. This cannot continue indefinitely. Either we address the problem now in an orderly fashion or we will be forced to address the problem in a state of chaos. I am willing to address this problem and start putting working Americans first, not our government establishment.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus urges our members to visit Paul Hannosh’s website ( and offer him your support.