Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses John Dennis for Congress

John DennisRepublican Liberty Caucus Endorses John Dennis for Congress
February 12, 2013
Contact: Eric Rall,

The Republican Liberty Caucus has endorsed John Dennis in his campaign to represent California’s 12th Congressional District. Dennis is a San Francisco entrepreneur and an activist for freedom and liberty who has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Republican Liberty Caucus of California since 2009.

Dennis is running on a platform of restoring the government to its proper constitutional limits, restoring a free market in health care and other service, working to end the NSA’s domestic spying, repealing the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA, ending America’s wars, and returning resources to the private sector.

RLCCA Chairman Matt Heath says, “John Dennis, former Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of California, is the perfect candidate for San Francisco. His libertarian principles and viral social media marketing have proven to be most effective in the urban climate. It is an honor to have the RLC endorse John Dennis for Congress.”

John Dennis welcomes the RLC’s endorsement, saying “No organization better reflects my political ideals than the Republican Liberty Caucus. I am proud to be an RLC member, and it is the highest honor to have their endorsement.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus urges our members to visit John Dennis’s website ( and offer him your support.