Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Art Alas for Congress

art alasRepublican Liberty Caucus Endorses Art Alas for Congress
February 13, 2013
Contact: Eric Rall,

The Republican Liberty Caucus has endorsed Art Alas in his campaign to represent California’s 32nd Congressional District. Alas is a successful businessman, a leader in the Los Angeles Republican Party, and a former professional soccer player.

Alas is running on a platform of restoring natural individual liberty by repealing the Patriot Act and ending domestic spying programs, getting government out of the way of creating jobs in the San Gabriel Valley, and an immigration reform plan based on expanding and enhancing legal immigration while securing the border and tracking and deporting illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes.

RLCCA Vice Chair Robert Vaughn praises him, “Art E. Alas is one of those rare individuals that I have gotten to know over the years who really practices what he believes in. His stance on the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the principles for which our country was conceived upon is as the founding fathers were. The people of the 32nd congressional district can rest assured that as Art as their congressman, their rights and property will be fought for tooth and nail. Art Alas is truly a man for the people and truth. My life has been truly enriched by him and I am honored to call him friend.”

Art Alas welcomes the RLC’s endorsement, saying “I am honored and sincerely humbled to be endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus as the Liberty Candidate of the 32nd Congressional district . In my campaign to represent the 32nd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives and as a member of the RLC. I pledge to continue to fight to preserve and safeguard our constitution and Bill of Rights. With your endorsement I am determined to represent the people of the 32nd District and not the interests of the federal government.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus urges our members to visit Art Alas’s website ( and offer him your support.