2013 Legislative Review Reports: AB 1377

The RLCCA adopts positions on a number of bills each legislative session for the purpose of holding our elected representatives in Sacramento accountable. This post is part of a series showing how our positions compare to those of various elected officials.

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AB 1377 — Collective bargaining memorandum of understanding
Analysis This bill ratifies the result of state negotiations with SEIU concerning compensation of state employees through July 2016. The agreement provides for annual raises of 2-2.5% for all state employees and increases employee contributions to pension funds by 1-1.5% of salary. It is our view that this agreement does not go far enough towards containing the open-ended state costs for public employee pensions, and the bill raises public employee compensation more than market conditions justify.
RLCCA Position No
Status Signed into law
Aye Nay Abstained

Jerry Brown


Jim Beall

Marty Block

Ronald Calderon

Anthony Cannella

Ellen Corbett

Lou Correa

Mark DeSaulnier

Noreen Evans

Cathleen Galgiani

Loni Hancock

Edward Hernandez

Jerry Hill

Ben Hueso

Hannah-Beth Jackson

Ricardo Lara

Mark Leno

Kevin De León

Carol Liu

Bill Monning

Alex Padilla

Fran Pavley

Richard Roth

Darrell Steinberg

Norma Torres

Lois Wolk

Rod Wright

Leland Yee

Joel Anderson

Tom Berryhill

Jean Fuller

Ted Gaines

Bob Huff

Steve Knight

Jim Nielsen

Mimi Walters

Mark Wyland

Bill Emmerson

Ted Lieu


Katcho Achadjian

Luis Alejo

Tom Ammiano

Toni Atkins

Frank Bigelow

Richard Bloom

Bob Blumenfield

Raul Bocanegra

Susan Bonilla

Rob Bonta

Steven Bradford

Cheryl Brown

Joan Buchanan

Ian Calderon

Nora Campos

Ed Chau

Wesley Chesbro

Connie Conway

Ken Cooley

Tom Daly

Roger Dickinson

Susan Eggman

Paul Fong

Steve Fox

Jim Frazier

Cristina Garcia

Mike Gatto

Jimmy Gomez

Lorena Gonzalez

Rich Gordon

Adam Gray

Curt Hagman

Isadore Hall

Roger Hernández

Chris Holden

Reggie Jones-Sawyer

Marc Levine

Eric Linder

Dan Logue

Jose Medina

Holly Mitchell

Kevin Mullin

Al Muratsuchi

Adrin Nazarian

Brian Nestande

Kristin Olsen

Richard Pan

Henry Perea

John A. Pérez

V. Manuel Pérez

Bill Quirk

Sharon Quirk-Silva

Anthony Rendon

Rudy Salas

Nancy Skinner

Mark Stone

Phil Ting

Marie Waldron

Shirley Weber

Bob Wieckowski

Scott Wilk

Das Williams

Mariko Yamada

Brian Dahle

Tim Donnelly

Beth Gaines

Shannon Grove

Brian Maienschein

Allan Mansoor

Mike Morrell

Jim Patterson

Don Wagner

Travis Allen

Rocky Chávez

Jeff Gorell

Diane Harkey

Brian Jones

Bonnie Lowenthal

Melissa Melendez