An interview with Manuel Martin, RLC Endorsed Candidate for California Assembly District 9


What can we expect from Assemblyman Manuel Martin?

To be ever vigilant in protecting the rights of the citizens of California. As well as to find ways to spread freedom through reductions in government oversight, not permission from government agencies.

How would you differing from current legislators?

My full time representation plan says it all.  Every Assembly member knows the district are too large, they all know they work part time and get paid three times what average Americans earn.  They all know having the ability to pass limitless numbers of laws grants them immense power. They all know large districts are the reason it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to run for office, making the assembly the millionaires club.  Yet, I am the only one trying to rectify all these infringements on the people’s right to representation.

Would you please explain your Full Time Representation proposal?

Absolutely, my full time representation proposal centers around one central idea: If our system of government relies on us sending virtuous and benevolent representatives to Sacramento, then that’s a bad form of government. For mankind is, has been, and will always be susceptible to greed and the lust for power and control. Just as our constitution was designed to limit the power of our congressional representatives, our state legislature should enact some reforms to make the legislature work for the people.  My plan takes measures to make the people’s representatives work for the people, and not for the special interests lobbyists.

What are the top issues of your candidacy?

In California with the overly active legislature there are a multitude of issues to run on.  I have met many people in the district and have conduct personal polls, by actively talking to hundreds of constituents and asking what their issues are.  Many people are concerned about taxes, regulation/economy and education.

Please explain your thoughts on civil liberties and the 2nd amendment here in California.

I find this question difficult because I find it hard to divide “Liberty.” You have the civil liberty to own property, but the state, in an example of replacing windows in your house, denies you the economic liberty to improve upon it without a permit,.  You have the civil liberty to not be forced to work for free, yet the income tax takes your labor before you see it thereby denying you the fruits of your labor, denying you the civil and economic liberty to do what you want with your time and labor, and in the end said person works for free .  How can government give you civil liberty but then deny you your right to the fruits of that “civil Liberty.”  Liberty is Liberty, trying to divide liberty into segments only makes it easier to lose it.  The second amendment is there for one simple reason, self-defense.  Who you are defending yourself against is irrelevant, but everyone has the right to protect their life, liberty and property from the forceful coercion of others through appropriate and equal means.

Please explain your thoughts on the economy and jobs here in California

It is apparent that California is not doing well in comparison to other states. We have and unemployment rate of 9% while many other states have unemployment rates well below 5%.  California’s economy is suffering from unaccountable regulations from state agencies that simply rule by fiat.  We need regulation reform to make our state agencies accountable and free up our economy.  California needs to stop micro managing every aspect of the economy and allow business men and women to be creative and innovative.  Only through risk can California’s business expand and hire, risk takes capitol AKA money.  California needs to reduce its taxes and regulation so that business owners have the capitol and freedom to create jobs and prosperity.

What is the purpose of the “state”?

To protect the life, liberty and property of individuals from the encroachments of others.  Politicians being individuals themselves, have no right to deny an innocent person their life, liberty or property through the enactment of unjust laws.

Tell us about yourself.

Well I am of Portuguese heritage and a proud American. I was born in Lodi CA and raised on my grandfather dairy.  I started working on the dairy at the age of 12.  I wanted to start making money so my grandfather put me to work cutting hay. I worked on the farm until the age of 21. While I was working on the farm I started a jelly company, I made pomegranate jellies and was in multiple stores. I shut down the company to go back to school. After school I started to get really interested in history and economics. Now I am running for state assembly to bring some common sense back to Sacramento and freedom back to Californians.  I don’t have a strong urge to be a politician. What I have is this unrelenting desire for everyone to be free and America to be prosperous. I am running for office not because I desire the title, but because I feel compelled to do my part in ensuring America remains the freest nation on the earth, and that we expand on that freedom.

How is the campaign going and what do you need to be successful?

The campaign is going well.  When I first started I didn’t have much in the sense of resources or experience in running a campaign, which is why I started early, I knew it would be a large learning curve.  I have met many people and have garnered many new treasured relationships.  With California having assembly districts that are nine times the national average, the one thing I need to be successful, like all campaigns, is more money.

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The Republican Liberty Caucus of California supports individual rights, limited government and free enterprise.  We support the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, the republican form of government it requires, and the right of all citizens to fair and equitable representation.  We believe these are also the proper positions of the Republican Party.