Republican Liberty Caucus of California Endorses Tim Donnelly for Governor

Republican Liberty Caucus of California Endorses Tim Donnelly for Governor
July 30, 2013

Contact: Eric Rall,

The Republican Liberty Caucus of California has endorsed Tim Donnelly in his campaign for Governor of California. Mr. Donnelly is the representative of the people of District 33 in the California Assembly. Prior to entering the Assembly in 2010, Mr. Donnelly ran a manufacturing business, providing productive jobs to Californians. As one of our hardest working Assembly members, Tim is on numerous Assembly committees, providing regular updates to his constituents via Facebook. As the author of recent legislation to curb the abuse of citizen’s rights by the federal government through “indefinite detention” provisions of the defense authorization bill, Tim is taking a stand against overreaching big government. Tim successfully raised awareness of potential abuses by the Child Protective Services bureaucracy by forcing an audit of the agency.

Rick Jacobs, the chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of California, praises Mr. Donnelly, “Tim is a strong advocate for liberty in California as demonstrated by his actions in the Assembly. As the author of AB351, otherwise known as the Preservation of Liberty Act, Tim fought to protect Californians against indefinite detention and preserve our basic rights of due process. I trust Tim to continue to fight the growth of government in California as our Governor.” Mr. Donnelly is running on a platform of responsibility, transparency, and restoring prosperity to California by eliminating wasteful spending, repealing unnecessary regulations, and keeping taxes low in order to bring business and jobs back to the state.

Upon receiving word of the RLCCA endorsement, Mr. Donnelly said, “I am honored to have the endorsement of the wing of the Republican Party dedicated to freedom and securing the liberty of the people.” We urge our members and other concerned supporters of liberty and limited government in California to consider volunteering time and support for Mr. Donnelly. Every election is a chance to make a difference, and the RLCCA will continue to identify to its members the best liberty candidates.

The primary election will take place June 3, 2014. If you are interested in learning more about the Donnelly campaign or volunteering to support it, please visit the campaign website (