Republican Liberty Caucus of California Endorses Chris Kolski for AD 45

Republican Liberty Caucus of California Endorses Chris Kolski for AD 45
June 11, 2013

Contact: Eric Rall,

The Republican Liberty Caucus of California has endorsed Chris Kolski in his campaign to represent Assembly District 45 in the California State Legislature. The special election to replace former Bob Blumenfield will be held this fall, with the date to be announced after Blumenfield’s resignation goes into effect on July 1. Mr. Kolski is an immigrant from Poland, a long-time resident of the San Fernando Valley, an advocate for liberty, and the chairman of the 40th District Republican Central Committee.

Nick Hankoff, the chairman of the Los Angeles chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus, praises Mr. Kolski, “Chris Kolski, as political candidates go, is probably the least compromising on principle and most passionate about growing the ground game of liberty Republican grassroots we will ever find.” Mr. Kolski is running on a platform of giving ordinary citizens back their voice in Sacramento and restoring prosperity to California by eliminating wasteful spending, repealing unnecessary regulations, and keeping taxes low in order to bring business and jobs back to the state.

Upon receiving word of the RLCCA endorsement, Mr. Kolski said, “Your endorsement is appreciated and accepted with humility. I pledge to honor your trust the best way I know – to work tirelessly to advance the cause of Liberty and to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.” We urge our members and other concerned supporters of liberty and limited government in District 45 and Los Angeles County to consider volunteering time and support for Mr. Kolski. Every election is a chance to make a difference, and we at the RLCCA believe that electing Mr. Kolski to represent District 45 would be a strong change for the better.

If you are interesting in learning more about the Kolski campaign or volunteering to support it, please visit the campaign website (