November 6, 2012 Endorsements

Ballot Propositions

Proposition Recommendation Description Type
30 Vote NO Seven year tax increase CI CA
31 Vote NO State budget hodge podge CI CA/SS
32 Vote YES Paycheck protection CI SS
33 Vote YES Car insurance rate flexibility CI SS
34 Vote YES Replace death penalty with life imprisonment CI SS
35 Vote NO Human trafficking penalties CI SS
36 Vote YES Three strikes reform CI SS
37 Vote NO Genetically engineered foods labeling CI SS
38 Vote NO Twelve year tax increase CI SS
39 Vote NO Tax treatment for multi-state businesses CI SS

Additional commentary on the ballot propositions is available in our RLCCA Proposition Voter Guide. 2012 Voter Guide

The RLCCA has not taken a position on Proposition 40.

Type legend:
CI – Citizen Initiative; LR – Legislatively Referred;
CA – Constitutional Amendment; SS – State Statute.

More information from external sources:
Voter Guide perpared by the Secretary of State
Ballotpedia page on the 2012 propositions

For Congress

Tom McClintock – CD 4

Tom McClintock for Congress, CD 4 (Tahoe and south of Tahoe)

Stewart Cilley – CD 5

Stewart Cilley for Congress, CD 5 (Santa Rosa, Petaluma area)

“I will go to Congress as the member who remembers that the first responsibility is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Other than the powers outlined in the Constitution, it is imperative and a brilliant promise that individuals be left unhindered by laws and unencumbered by illegal taxation.”

Gregg Imus – CD 8

Candidate for Congress, CD 8

 John Dennis – CD 12

Candidate for Congress, CD 12 (San Francisco)

“The role of government in society, if it is to have a role, is to preserve and protect individual liberty. This is the underlying premise of the U.S. Constitution, a document largely ignored in Washington today. I am running against Nancy Pelosi, the quintessential Washington statist, to win, and to remind San Franciscans, and Americans, what individual liberty should and ought to be.”

David Miller – CD 32

Candidate for Congress, CD 32 (San Gabriel Valley area)

Clayton Thibodeau – CD 42

Clayton Thibodeau for Congress, CD 42 (Riverside)

Clayton Thibodeau has managed millions in assets and negotiated thousands of contracts: he understands the dynamics of our economy. Clayton will create new jobs by expanding energy production. This will reduce gas and grocery prices; strengthen our economy; improve our quality of life; and reduce our dependence on foreign energy. Clayton Thibodeau will defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


For California Assembly

Dolores Cooper – AD 13

Dolores Cooper for Assembly, AD 13 (Stockton, Tracy and surrounds)

“I am not a politician. I am a Registered Nurse, a mother, and a conservative, patriotic American citizen who will challenge the “liberal values” of Sacramento. I will be a “NO” vote on tax increases, government over-regulation and destructive environmental actions. I will stand with those who hold true, conservative and traditional values. I will work to establish a smaller, non-intrusive government with a balanced budget. I am for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Al Phillips – AD 16

Al Phillips for Assembly, AD 16 (Pleasonton, Livermore and surrounds)

ArLyne Diamond – AD 25

ArLyne Diamond for Assembly, AD 25 (Fremont and surrounds)

Chris Kolski – AD 45

Chris Kolski for Assembly, AD 32 (San Fernando Valley area)

Jeane Ensley – AD 47

Jeane Ensley for Assembly, AD 47 (Culver City and surrounds)

Keith McCowen – AD 54

Keith McCowen for Assembly, AD 54 (Los Angeles)

Jack Guerrero – AD 63

Jack Guerrero for Assembly, AD 63 (parts of Los Angeles)
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Chris Norby – AD 65

Chris Norby for Assembly, AD 65 (Brea, Fullerton, Placentia and surrounds)

Phil Paule – AD 67

Phil Paule for Assembly, AD 67 (Riverside County: Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, East Hemet, Woodcrest)

Allan Mansoor – AD 74

Allan Mansoor for Assembly, AD 74 (Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas and surrounds)

“Most of California’s problems can be traced to special interests that are more interested in getting handouts than they are in doing what is best for taxpayers. Last year’s budget is the best example: Republicans proposed a no-tax-increase, no-education-cut budget and the Democrats passed a budget that cut education, increased benefits for public employees, and grew overall state spending. My number one goal in Sacramento is to lessen the influence of special interests so we can begin working on the meaningful reforms that California needs.”


For County Office

Carissa Pillow for Brentwood City Council